Doha… Just landed

It says that travel takes your words out so that you can tell wonderful stories later… And this is it, I could not even talk about my travels so far.
Today, I am going to start with my arrival in Doha. It was a quite sunny August day, and I brought with myself all kind of emotions in my luggage: I left my family, friends and a life in my land to start a professional project, and a personal one. My adventure began in a completely different culture than my own, probably until today this experience has been one of my biggest growths.
Just landed at the Airport and everything is very new to me. I grab my suitcase and I leave the airport… I was feeling like I was briething in a sauna… I will never forget this feeling! Curiously, this is something that you get used pretty soon. We have reached almost 50 degrees and it was a very high humidity.
I took the taxi, and I let the driver my home direction. On my way I was looking out of the window and I was amazed caused of the Doha mixture: neighborhoods, mosques, palaces, lux compaunds, desert, skyscrapers and a chaotic traffic.
Finally I got home, and my roommate was waiting for me. I love this guy! We have shared great laughter moments , and he also gave me a lot of support… I loved his positivity and the smile that he used to give me every morning for starting the day.
I have met wonderful people who I have lived unforgettable moments that I will let you know later.
And this is how my life begins in Doha… Meanwhile I am going to post a photo of me in the taxi: As always I was wearing my pearl-necklace…  I hope you can enjoy of these Doha views.



To be continued…